Weird & Wonderful

We love a challenge and like to take on any quest with determination to find a solution.

Antarctic - Every year in the Antarctic there is a significant build-up of snow. To combat this, the Clean Air Sector Laboratory (CASLAB) at the Halley Research Station was built on stilts allowing it to be winched up each year. When the CASLAB reached the top of the stilts Shepherd Gilmour was involved in the design of stilt extensions to allow the CASLAB to continue to be raised as the snow continued to build up beneath.

The Moulton Windmill, Norfolk - Britains tallest working windmill. Design and detailing of the central fixing lug and the stocks to support the sails.

Acaster Airfield Control Tower - The building is a two-storey former Control Tower for RAF Acaster a World War II airfield that finally closed in 1957. The building is constructed of brickwork that has been rendered and has a flat roof constructed of reinforced concrete.

High Energy Blending Tank, Thames water utilities - Complex design of the cylindrical tank complete with strengthening for the support legs and in/out lets.

Armley Jail - Help form a hole through a wall!! Seriously we designed temporary propping for two cells to be combined to form a small kitchen.



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