Holiday Inn Express, Manchester

This 3-star. 9-storey building is located on the site of The Old Smithfields Market in the Shudehill area of central Manchester. The hotel consists of 192 bedrooms with bars, a restaurant and meeting & conference facilities. The structural design consists of a single storey steel transfer deck with 8-storeys of precast concrete modular construction over which is the bedroom block. 

The lowest level of precast concrete walls is designed to span between column heads to limit the transfer deck depth. This also provides an adequate service zone beneath the transfer beams. The substrate in this area is poor quality and hence requires the use of CFA piles with pilecaps and ground beams to form the foundation to the hotel superstructure. The ground floor slab is designed as suspended.

The buildings stability is provided by the modular bedroom arrangement above the transfer structure. The lateral loads are then transferred into the steel frame and hence to the foundations via vertical braced bays. The full height precast concrete lift & stair cores also contribute to the buildings stability.

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