St Brigid’s Primary School, Manchester

The project used an old shipping container and various recycled materials to provide additional storage adjacent to the school hall. The new space and rear wall of the existing building are clad using same material in order to visually marry the two spaces together. New entrance canopies are provided at both ends and are supported by cantilevered beams.

The left hand canopy cantilever beams are supported by the external masonry wall whilst the right hand canopy is supported by two cantilevered beams, both bolted to the top edges of the storage container using steel stubs.

Some of the windows at the rear of the hall were removed to provide access to the new store. The original braced panel in the existing structure remained to provide stability.

The result is a modern contemporary frontage to the existing school with the project winning sustainability awards from Manchester City Council (Built?In Quality Award for Environmentally Sustainable Construction and the Built?In Quality Award for High Quality Construction).

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