Shenley Academy, Birmingham

This project forms part of the multi-million pound Birmingham Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme and replaces the existing 1960s school building which occupied the 37.5 acre site. Shenley Academy caters for 1150 pupils, aged 11-18 years and is sponsored by E-Act. The school is organised around 6 learning centres allowing for flexible and adaptable space. At the heart of each learning centre is a social learning zone with central circulation, providing a sense of openness. The original school has been demolished and replaced with new landscaping areas.

The positioning of the building had several constraints including an existing covenant which restricted the height of any building on the site and the presence of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) on the site which limited the position of the new building.

The new school was built first with the existing school remaining in operation whilst construction took place. This meant that particular attention was paid to movement of men & materials around site, programming and site safety.

Particular consideration has been given to engineering operations to minimise the potential for both temporary and permanent works.

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